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Who are we!


Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre 

Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps


We are located in Tottenham, Ontario

Who are we? 

Our members are:

...Teenagers aged 12-18 who crave exciting outdoor activities where our personal limits as individuals and team-members are tested. We are the hardcore outdoor-oriented and we love the challenge!

... Adults with a commitment and a passion for giving back to our community, through service to youth... And we love the challenges of the Army Cadet lifestyle too!

Army Cadets... Why?

Why Not?  Army Cadets develop abilities in the use of map and compass, GPS technology, orienteering, first-aid, camping and survival skills, canoeing, abseiling, trekking, mountain biking, etc. As we get more experienced, some will be selected for parachuting, white-water rafting and glacier climbing. We will also learn to become outdoor leaders.

Army Cadets get involved in ceremonial military events and citizenship activities that allow them to connect to their Canadian heritage. They develop a great sense of pride and discipline through their involvement in a hierarchical system that allows them to hone their leadership skills as they grow older and they learn to care for younger cadets.

In addition to their specialty training, Army Cadets may become involved in other exciting activities like competitive Olympic-style marksmanship and biathlon, sports competitions, music training and competitions, cultural outings, volunteer community support, etc.

Canada represents the best playground for teenagers interested in the outdoors. We are the organization of choice for teens and adults interested in getting out of the classroom to explore the planet the way it should be. 


Member Testimonial

Kudos to the Corps; here is a letter sent in by a member family.  The Names have been omitted to protect their Privacy... The CO felt it was important to share... please see below.


 "To All Involved at 329 Army,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for welcoming {NAME OMITTED} into your group.

Although we have had a rough start with attendance, and juggling our schedule to deal with family troubles have not been easy, you never made us feel less then welcomed.  {CADET} has made some great friends and is quietly inspired by numerous member of the core; however, he has also found his love for a pay cheque with his “first ever” paid job (this requires him to be on call for short notice games), and unfortunately he has had a struggle to decide which Monday night position to attend.  I appreciate your support in helping foster the good character of our youth by allowing them to be a complete part of their community, and not dealing him an ultimatum. Our hope is that in September we will have the bumps and quarks worked out so that our schedules correspond with this core and our attendance will be more consistent.  On a final note, it is so important for a community have good role models and a positive environment where kids feel they belong; you are so much more than just 329 Army; all of you are a true representative of what is “right and good” in our society, and for that I thank you!

 {FAMILY of the CADET}" ....


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Including "Recruit," there are eight ranks used by Canadian military Non Commissioned Members (NCM's)  Click here to view the Rank structure and guidelines.