Support Committee

The 329 Support Committee (SC) is a group of dedicated people who help support the cadet corps whose mandate falls under the direction of the Army Cadet League of Ontario (ACLO). Membership is open to any adult who meets the ACLO volunteer screening process and is not limited to parents of serving cadets.

*** We’re always looking for more Volunteers ***

Some of their responsibilities include the following:

1. Recruiting ideas
2. Fundraising & managing the Corps Finances
3. Screening prospective volunteers
4. Car pooling for Cadet functions
5. Providing snacks or meals for Cadet functions
The current Support Committee members are as follows:
Chair - Mr Ken Shambrook

Vice-Chair - Ms Patrcia Chaisson
Treasurer - Ms Sonia Caceido

Recording Secretary - Ms Patricia Chaisson

Fundraising Secretary - Vacant
Support  - Ms Judi Giovanetti, Ms Ally Stumpo, Mr Dave Freeborn, Mr John Compton

Legion Liaison - Mr W Jack

If you are interested in Joining the Support Committee, please contact Mr. John Compton (

Funds we raise go towards activities for the cadets.